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Never-Finished Driveway Becomes City Street Lined With Christmas Trees

This is such a cool story: Alissa Walker writes a short history of Christmas Tree Lane, originally planted by John P. Woodbury.

"After a trip to Italy," Walker writes, Woodbury "fell in love" with a particular species of cedar, called deodars, actually native to the Himalayas. He thus "returned with seeds to plant some near his home. The deodars were meant to line the drive of his mansion, but the mansion was never built and his driveway became a city street."


Now, that street, absorbed into the fabric of the neighborhood and lined with imported trees native to the world's highest mountain range, is, bizarrely, one of the world's premiere collections of living Christmas trees, an abandoned grove from the 19th century, one that is now carefully pruned and decorated in a strange state of municipally sanctioned wilderness.

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