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Sign Me Up For Coursework at the London Tunneling Academy

Nicola Twilley—by way of the Observer's Rowan Moore—introduces us to the "real-life Minecraft" being taught in the subterranean coursework of the brand new Tunneling and Underground Construction Academy outside London, where the X-Men of earthmoving can train.

Illustration for article titled Sign Me Up For Coursework at the London Tunneling Academy

The above image, while not in Nicola's own piece, shows engineers not inside the Academy—itself something of an anonymous, warehouse out in Essex, outside London, "a large hangar-like building," in Rowan Moore's words—walking through a newly completed tunnel in the Crossrail project. But I love its strange visuals, as if Stanley Kubrick's 2001 has been remade in vast underground sets, featuring movement not further and further away from the earth toward some extra-planetary moon, but deeper and deeper into the silt, mud, and bedrock of this already profoundly strange sphere we call our home. 2001: A Tunneler's Odyssey.

Read more in the original post, embedded below.

Image courtesy of the Crossrail press office.

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